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Hockey Is Painful

I love hockey. Playing it and watching it is the best, but I will admit I don't know alot about it, besides the basic rules. We're playing hockey in gym and before we started the games me and Syndi were playing around and I was trying to get the puck by her into the goal at the other end of the gym, and I would've had it too, if she hadn't stuck her stick in front of my feet and tripped me. So, I already had a big-ass scar on my right knee from tripping outside in October, and now I'll have a scar on my left knee from today. Good thing I never dreamed of being a model, I'd be screwed. I had to limp across the parking lot after school. Oh, Zack got a tattoo!! I don't exactly know what it's supposed to be, but it looks awesome, it's right on his forearm. I'll have to get some batteries and take a pic tomorrow. I hate algebra. You know, I'm gonna end up like Allen and be 19 and in a ninth grade math class. I'm already on my way! I'm in 10th and I'm in two freshman classes. Plus I look like I'm about 12 so that doesn't help my case. I want to change the font size on this stupid thing but I don't know how, anyone wanna help me out? Oh, yeah, if anyone out there wants a guitar or knows someone who might, email me!!! It's a black acoustic, not expensive, made in china, but I'm selling it for only 25$ so PLEASE buy it!!! Oh yeah, I met my friend Hailey's boyfriend's younger bro Jordan today, I thought it was Ryan (her bf) because I've never met either of them, but she said no it was his brother. He's cool. Maybe I'm not lost to the dating world after all.
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