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I've been incredibly upbeat today! I was down right bouncy in last class, which is REALLY not normal for me. I was laughing at everything, kind of scary. I found this "Poppit" as I call it, outside of the church Sunday and it's one of those rubber things that looks like half of a hollowed out bouncy ball, and you press it inside out and set it on the floor or a table or something and it goes POP! and flies up in the air!!!! Amazing, huh? Well, to my point, I set it on Jerry's desk and he wasn't paying attention (here's a hint for all newcomers, if I'm hyper, stay ALERT) and it went POP! and smacked him RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!! MWAHAHAHA! SO funny, I laughed for like 10 minutes. Anyways so that's about it. I never got the motivation to write anymore of that Mandy story, but I'll see what I can do tonite, I'm in a productive mood. I LOVE YOU SHANNON!!!! Oh, speaking of my friends, one more thing: Hailey licked my face on the way out of school today. I was like "RABIES!!! HERPES!!! DEATH!!!!" she laughed her little butt off at how icked out I was, but I thought it was funny too. Ew. Well alrighty, I'm off to snack and go!
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