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I feel broken
Broken peices on the floor
Words I've spoken
They left left me feeling so torn
You left me here alone
I'm in the dark and scared
No one but you knows
If they knew they never dared
To help me
Take me from my darkness
And save me from you and me
Save me from all of this
Broken is a something
That fills up all the holes
It leaves you with nothing
But pain and an empty soul
You helped me up
But let go when I was halfway there
You let me fall
Did you ever even care
Every time I think I hate you
You make me feel so good
Every time I think I'm alright
You break my heart again
And you leave me broken
I am so broken

Found out some shit news today! I guess I'm a little upset, can ya tell? Anyways I'm not in the mood to type anything cheery, so fuck you.
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