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My Immortal

I have a site up on in case anyone who was possibly considering hosting me wanted to see an example of my site design. It's a pink layout after te song "My Immortal" by evanescence. I tried out a bunch of new crap on it, like text-shadowing, filters (image filters) and other weird stuff. On a different subject, I'm STILL limping. Haha... I haven't talked to Hailey lately, I think I might call her tonite. How are ya Shannon? I haven't been able to check out ur blog in a while because I'm barely ever online for more then 5 minutes before I get yelled at to get off. I'll check it out now, ppl here are sleeeeping. Oh, if Eddie is reading this, I have a question for you: Are you and Donna still going out? And also did you know that Friday was six months since we had started going back out? I just realized that... wow. Well... I'm gonna go now. Bye.
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