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I Saw the Light

Jennifer sent me this freakin hilarious thing about evangelistic squirrels...hahaha, go here to check it out. If you want to have it full screen press F11 when the window opens. Anyways, how are "y'all" doing? Thanks to my awesome sister down in good old Georgia, my face is clearing up a little. How, you ask? She sent my xmas presents up with my dad and it was this stuff from Mary-Kay called "Velocity." One of the things is a face-wash, and the other is face-lotion. PERFECT!!! My skin feels great. Well, now that I've endorsed a product sneakily through my blog... on to the important junk.

HAILEY being the lovely little... friend she is, decided to talk to both Jordan AND his brother!!! Well, now, that doesn't sound right. Jordan is the one she wants me to go out with, and his brother is her bf, so she talked to her bf, asked him to try to get us together, then she talked to Jordan and asked if he would or something. GOD I have evil friends. AHH! I don't even really want a boyfriend right now, but I figure if she wants this for me then I'll do it, besides he seems cool and I need to get my mind off of the real world.

This computer has been hogged all friggin day every day since dad got home, if it isn't ann online it's dad. OMG I fell asleep at 5.40 this afternoon and woke up at 8.45, I had NO idea what day it was, and actually I didn't know where I was at either. I got up and looked ouside thinking it was in the A.M. and saw that it was dark and I was like... "WTF?!" then in all my blondeness I realized I'd fallen asleep.

Oh, one more thing before I shut up: we were playing hockey today, and I was on defense (fav position!), and I had to guard Mark cause Casey (in all his "I'm so good at hockey" glory) was across the court not paying ANY attention, and Mark is like two and a half times my size, he kinda looked at me like "YEAH RIGHT! Haha, you couldn't block this shot if you're life depended on it." I swung my stick and missed, but my foot hit it and it went flying across the gym. Guess having monsters for feet is a good thing sometimes. Ok, bye!
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